Mathinna Autumn Ride Wash Up

Some posts are harder than others.

I had a chat to Shirley from the Lions Club on the east coast and she thanked us for our donation. She said the money will help a lady who lost her husband to suicide and is struggling to feed her animals in these drought conditions. I don’t have the words to express how sad that makes me so instead I’ll leave you all with this:


Thanks for helping. Thanks to the Oldfarts for all their work they put in. Thanks to Roger for eating dust all day to make sure our group stayed together. Thanks to Rosco Holden for donating some signed TP87 posters and the Villapoto shirt for us to auction off. Thanks to Bikeworks for giving us a Kawasaki pack to auction off. Thanks to everyone who put their hand in their pocket and donated to the cause.

It’s important that we keep doing what we do.